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Thread: what would you have !

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    what would you have !

    hi all ,

    im looking for surgestions to fill a space on my FAC.

    i already have 6.5x55 , 7x57 the law WONT LET ME HAVE 375 H&H MAG or 9.3 which is what i wanted and that came from the head of norfolk firearms dept !

    im not really restricted as such just cant have a big game calibre , the excuse of shooting boar in the west country was not good enough !

    im thinks along the lines of some thing for the mrs to shoot but i want some thing bigger than 243 or i could have a 300 win mag so surgestions on a post card please

    cheers lee
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    30.06 or 300win mag depends how much you want to spend feeding it.

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    Why not see if you can get 45/70. You could get it granted for collection on historical grounds it they wont let you put it on for deer, But it is deer legal (See the BASC chart) and you might get to slip that under the coppers radar. Oh and loaded right it would be excellent for Boar or anyting else that walks this planet ! If they are still fussy about it and you dont mind rattling a few cages (Plus your in the BASC) give them a call they are Very Helpful and can give you some good advice on how to word what you want to get it, best call em 1st.

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    I had a .375H&H for use abroad and came across the same problems as you. In all fairness if all you're going to shoot is Deer then it is a bit much. Not saying you shouldn't have it as it's as safe as anything else, it's just hard to prove you need it!

    I've put a lot of thought into this subject. You have some serious trade offs with the common UK rounds.

    .300 magnum of any form is fast and sharp. Unless you shoot premium bullets they can fragment at close range as the velocity is just too high. They're good for long range but how far do you really want to go? I don't feel it's sporting to snipe at Deer!

    .45-70, .450 Marlin and .444 Marlin are great 100 yard guns. If Boar were my key quarry I'd go for one because those lever guns are fast! My mate has a .444 and it's truly amazing, but the trajectory past 150 yards is terrible (picture rainbow shape). At range you need a range finder because if you're 50 yards out forget the heart, you could even miss the Deer!

    You already have a gun for long range, the 6.5 is perfect and the 7mm is good. Unless you want to shoot at something dangerous in America/Africa then a .444 (or .45-70) would be my suggestion. At close range they hit like a sledgehammer! And it's in the guidelines as Deer legal (although it will struggle for minimum velocity in Scotland).

    EDIT... Just as a side note, IIRC the .45-70 has approximately the same energy at the muzzle as the .458 Magnum does at 150 yards and it uses the same bullets. It will stop anything on the planet at close range and is a very firm favourite for Bear protection in thick brush. If it will put down a big Brown or Grizzly then what chance does a Boar have?
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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post
    hi all ,

    i already have 6.5x55 , 7x57 the law WONT LET ME HAVE 375 H&H MAG or 9.3 which is what i wanted and that came from the head of norfolk firearms dept !
    I have been granted a 9.3x62mm (by the Met) for use on deer in UK; it took a while and was not due to the licensing force but the one in whose area the land was. A very kind friend whose estate I've been to in Scotland gave me "permission to stalk" and I now have a 9.3 with expanding ammo. I would suggest that you read the Home Office guidelines, a very kind sole once posted a link on this site. The other problem is that the EU says that .350 and greater is a dangerous game calibre and of course Westminster believed them!

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    Get the .300 Win.Mag. and forget the rest !


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    *******s, they reall can be a bunch of morons eh? Although if they put up that much fight over my 243 then I guess they're going to have a sense of humour failure over a 9.3!

    I've definitely got long term plans on a 444. Was thining of a 45/70 until I found out the winchester 94 big bore is safe for loads up to 50k psi (I think the action is 52k rated) - the recoil might be a bit of fun but that would pack one serious punch. IIRC 45/70 is loaded to max 42k in the marlin, maybe even late 30s? Certainly the older ones well below. Although I guess you could go a ruger #1 in either. But at 50k the 444's going to have a flatter path (although I bet they'd make a 160gr 6.5 look flat!).

    Or on a different note - to keep with the mauser theme an 8x57? Better with the heavier bullets than a 30-06 I've heard and can be loaded as hot. Althoguh case capacity is down so I'd be suprised. But then, why did you not get the 30-06 when you could, cos I'd have thought it's a good one? Then maybe the mrs can start with the 6.5? Or maybe keeping on the 7x57 theme - a 257 roberts? Pretty good recoil wise I'd guess

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    I'd choose a widely available NON MILITARY calibre that is adequte for wild boar not only here but maybe in France.

    Effectively that rules out the splendid 30-06.

    So you have three real choices: 270 Winchester, or 7 X 64 or its Remington "version" the 280 Remington. Then 300 Winchester Magnum. Really a bit too much and not really a "rapid fire" round in available factory loads. Or rifles that are lightweight. Or lastly 7mm Remington Magnum - I'd discount the 7mm Weatherby Magnum from the start.

    Me? I'd choose and in fact have the 280 Remington option. Simply in terms of component cost it is actually cheaper than 7 x 64 and actually can be loaded harder in a bolt action rifle. But for you? I'd think strongly about 7mm Remington Magnum. There's lots about, brass and cartridges are cheaper than 7 x 64, AND you'll find it EVERYWHERE in the world.

    For "the missus" use Remington's "Lite Load" in 7mm Remington Magnum is a 140 grain bullet at about 2,800 fps. So also avoiding having to go down the 7mm-08 route for her. Or load you own. For boar you've the full throttle 175 grain loads which I think in real terms are just as good as any 180 grain 300 Winchester Magnum load.

    Also? If you handload you can effectively "share" bullets with your 7 x 57 that you already have. And with current prices that has got to be good!

    8mm Mauser? Even for me that's just too much of a backward step. Ammunition is limited in performance and it is a real belter on the shoulder. I had one in the 1970s and did not like it. A really unpleasant punch compared to firing the 30-06 in full factory off-the-shelf loadings!
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    The 7x64 is a nice round and i'm sure you would have no problem finding ammo for it in the most of Europe.
    Shame you can't get a 9.3 . Before the spread of wild boar you could not give a 9.3x62 or 9.3x57 away. Now there are plenty of new ones on the gun shop shelves.

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    thanks lads i knew i could rely on a good responce !

    i must say i never thought about a 7mm remmington magnum , im going to look into it a little more . even though im a left hander and my 6.5 is left handed , this rifle is for her indoors and it HAS to be big enough for her to shoot lowland reds ! as well for me to play with too .

    i also re-load so having 2x 7mm in the armoury is a bloody good idea ! also after just had a quick peek in a reloading mannual there are some nice light loads as well a couple of donkey chokers !

    cheers lads

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