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Thread: IOR Optics?

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    IOR Optics?

    Whats the thoughts on IOR scopes? I'll be putting some glass on my 300wm soon and want a good tough set up.

    The IOR Tactical line seem like a fine job....and tough too. Cheaper than NF, Zeiss, etc...

    Appreciate ye're thoughts on them...

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    Good glass but the illuminated reticle a ball ache as whole reticle lights up like a Xmas tree totally distracting from the sight picture

    Ones I seen regularly on brothers rifle seemed robust etc


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    The riflesmith who does some work for me on occasions, swears by them. I am convinced that the glass is excellent and they are very robust. But very HEAVY . I think Meopta is just a good ( or better ) and a lot lighter.

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    Have you looked at the Kahles k624i

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    I use IOR ON .300WM, it's a fairly oldish model and it is heavier than most, usually a clue to fine longevity!

    Also a previous thread on I.O.R. see here!ior scopes
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    my older IOR circa 2008 does over illuminate the cross hairs where as my newer versions don't, so I guess they fixed the problem, optics very good, robustness the same, may not appeal to S&B lovers

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Also a previous thread on I.O.R. see here!ior scopes
    I see a comment on there that mine didn't sell - it did, to Jager SA.

    I really liked the scope but it was too much for any of my type of shooting. As others have said, if you want a scope that you can use to knock in fence posts and still retain its zero get an IOR. The glass is superb. The illuminated reticle takes some getting used to and does light up like a Christmas tree, but can be dimmed right down.
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    IOR - great quality glass - up there with the best! - very heavy duty, durable military grade scopes - mine has the MP-8 illuminated reticle that is like a Christmas tree when set on the brighter settings - It's really great for long range work, but I feel mine is a bit bulky for a stalking rifle, & is more suited to range/static use. It has a large diameter tube so not many mounting ring options are available - mine came with a set of factory rings that allow fitting to Weaver/Picatinni bases, & a sunshade - all scopes should have one! It lives on my Tikka M55 Master Sporter & is used for target & long range varmint work.
    IOR make a good wide range of scopes both tactical & for hunting - all excellent quality & if you pick the right model you will have a scope for life.
    There are plenty of reticles & illumination options to choose from.- see:- Valdada Optics | Scope Reticles Information
    Would I buy another -- In a second YES! - As long as I could find the right model to suit my needs. They are like hens' teeth - few & far between!


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    Optics warehouse are UK distributors. I have looked through one and agree excellent glass and built like the preverbable brick s house. Very heavy but neigh on indestructible.


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    I had 6-24x50 IR optically (last light) equal to my PM2 heavy for stalking though.

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