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Thread: has anyone been involved with Defence Deer management?

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    has anyone been involved with Defence Deer management?

    morning lads and lasses
    being a squaddie I'm interested in getting involved with the defence deer management has anyone had any experience with this? iv emailed the man in charge and been told to get my DSC1 and a deer legal rifle before being considered. but i don't have any permission that's suitable for a CF rifle, is holding a DSC1 a good enough reason to be granted a FAC? iv been a shotgun licence holder for nearly 10 years so hopefully this will help.
    it's hard to find much info about the DDM but how exclusive is it? i cant help getting the impression its a ruperts club and anyone not holding a commission is frowned upon? I'm only a tom (private) and didn't know if this would be a barrier and don't want to feel out of place. also has anyone ever used standard learning credits to fund a DSC1 course?

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    If your first impression was as you say" for ruperts", I would tend to branch out on my own, & go the route of most members on here, buy some odd days here & there, a couple of days with Ian & Jo over in Axminster would soon get your sights set.
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    Try sending Ollie2334 a pm as he is involved with DDM which I believe he says is a very hard group to get in with.

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    I am sure some of the lads on here will point you in right direction as far as the DDM is concerned. Having suitable land to stalk over does not restrict you from having a stalking rifle. You will need to go out on some paid stalks and obtain receipts. Once you have your DSC1 apply for the FAC and ask for it to mention where you are by payment or invitation and with booked and paid for stalks they should not refuse you.
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    Old boys club buddy. Unless you know a man who knows a man who knows the secret handshake......
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    I have no permissions but got my ticket for .308 .243 22-250 & .22 on the grounds that i go out paid stalking and do vermin shooting with a friend so get youself paid stalking and go for it
    getting your dsc1 will possibly help, definately wont harm your case
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    Yes you can use slc for DSC1, as for ddm it's hard to get in to, my mate just applied and got told it's a 2yr waiting list.

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    There was an advert for new members in a recent Soldier magazine so it isn't all that exclusive.
    The best bet is to get to know a member and ask him to put you forward.
    I'm not sure that it is a requirement to have DSC1 or your own rifle to join initially as you can help with site maintenance and then do the course through the DDM.
    Then you will be able to obtain an FC and stalk under supervision.
    It helps if you have a job that enables you to dedicate a lot of time to training time on the ground and then the courses all follow on.

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    Look on the BDS website under ddm for the joining criteria mate. Sounds like you could be a works party for 2yr before really getting involved.
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    Good Morning, I started with DDM a long time ago when it was Services branch. I was a Cpl. I was welcomed and learned a lot about Deer Stalking over the following 15 years. I shot over 150 deer on MOD estate for very little money. You get out of DDM what you put in. I am retired now and wish I was still part of it all. Keep trying them it can sometimes take a while.

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