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Thread: Ballistic tipped bullets?

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    Ballistic tipped bullets?

    I'm thinking about bullets again! More to the point I've been on the Midway site and I've been looking at Barnes TTSX.

    Now I've never hunted Deer with a ballistic tipped bullet before. A few people I know have said they had bad experience with Noslers so I've always avoided them but I've got no first hand experience of them. I've heard on forums and the like that sometimes they (ballistic tips in general) can be a little unpredictable?

    My all time favourite so far is the Barnes TSX. Not the tipped one, just the standard hollow point. I like the idea that you don't get lead fragments in the meat surrounding the wound and it's the only bullet that's offered me a no run kill on a Deer. In my very limited experience they seem to work extremely well. But........ I've read that if they get muck in the hollow point they can fail to expand? Again, never experienced this but that could be down to not shooting many Deer with them?!

    I need to buy a new batch of bullets soon and I can't decide between sticking to what I know with my limited experience, or trying something new which would eliminate the muck in the tip problem (if there is one?) but could maybe make the expansion less reliable if bone is hit (but then that's another maybe!). I've heard of plastic tips going off randomly and splitting the gut which would be rubbish. The best point about the TSX is it doesn't leave anything behind and makes a very free bleeding wound with a tidy exit.

    So to all of you who've shot hundreds more Deer than I have, what do you think? I'd very much appreciate being able to learn from your greater experience. Do I stick with what's always been good for me or try their more recent development?
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    I've not used the Barnes TSX but do use Nosler BT's for all my stalking. I've never noticed any more damage on my deer than on those shot with 'regular' bullets. IMHO it's when a bullet (any bullet) hits bone that things become unpredictable.

    Presuming it meets all legal requirements, find whatever bullet suits your gun best and go with that.


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    I would agree with Willie, I have never used ballistic tips until recently when I aquired a box of nossler 95gr.ballistic tips
    5gr. lighter than what I normally load for .243 so just to use them up I worked up a load, found if anything the gave a slightly tighter group than my normal round.
    So tried them on Roe no more meat damage than my normal round, I have fired 70 of them so far so think its a pretty fair test
    cant fault them. only thing they are not legal for Red's of course.

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    i think a lot of people dimiss ballistic tips because they associate them with varmint rounds but there are ones for varmint and ones for deer which dont expand so much.I personally find polymer tips to be a lot more accurate and less likely to get tips deformed in mags and pockets etc

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    I have used both and I love the TSX but having said that I have just bought some 100 grain BT for a little play. I normally use 120 grain TSX in my 6.5X55 and have shot everything with them. quite a few years ago I had a problem with the Noslers, they were blowing up very badly but I have been told this is now sorted? You can get barnes that are poly tipped.

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    I shot 165 grn ballistic tips in my .308 since they first came out. Never had a problem with them. Still got a few rounds loaded loaded with them. Would not shoot them at moose or boar though.

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    can you shoot roe with 87 gr v-max

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    I read the link to the other post with great interest. Thanks for posting it.

    My take on the situation is that ideally you want a bullet to pass through your target? The exit wound gives a great blood trail compared to the entry. So bullets go off in random directions when they hit bone etc, does that mean a partition or bonded core lead bullet doesn't? The story of the second Deer falling over 300 yards away is alarming but how much further would a pass through travel? I like to have a bit more than 300 yards of backdrop behind my target when using a rifle this size. Usually you don't expect the bullet to go far at all before it hits your backstop but if they can turn 90 degrees then that's a tough one to stop unless you shoot your Deer indoors!

    Would using a lead bullet really make that much difference to a calibre such as the 6.5 (where the heavy, narrow bullets seem to pass through all the time anyway)?

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    As i understand it the the V max is a varmint round that has explosive expansion, after seeing what it does to charlie its not suitable for deer.


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