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Thread: Which oil for stock

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    Which oil for stock

    I've always rubbed my wood work down with an oily rag, as in gun oil. But I noticed my shotgun started to look a bit dry and dull so thought I should use a wood specific oil instead. I had a choice between Teak, Danish and Tung oil at the time and went with Tung which has restored the colour but it is quite matt looking. I'd like a bit of shine I think. I know a lot of oils are similar ingredients just in different quantities and qualities but what do other people recommend? I've got a laminated rifle stock to consider also.



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    Keep going at it with the tung, a decent oil finish is an ongoing process, a few drops a day for a few months will be a good start, there is a good long thread on oil finishing, have a peep on the search tab.
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    Jonny, I think you may have a problem with your stock wood being contaminated with a mineral lubricating oil, which is not designed to evaporate out the solvents like a wood finishing oil.
    I doubt you will be able to attain the kind of finish you desire untill all traces of the gun oil are removed.


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    Thanks Tramp. I did search but didn't find anything. Can't have used the right key words. I think you may be right Ian. I did have reservations about oiling with out stripping back the previous coats. I'm not over concerned with the shotgun but glad I'm aware when it comes to the rifle.



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    jonny look below at simular threads ,doug, ps linseed oil put a drop on leave overnight polish off,

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    If you are going to use Linseed oil use a modified Linseed oil finish, pure oil will takes months to dry and will leech out of the wood when the weather gets hot, stick with Tung or Danish oil.
    This stuff is good:


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    walnut oil is a good alternative if it's just to re-hydrate the wood and give a nice coat. once a day for a week, once a week for a month, and once a month going forwards and/or after wet outings.

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    i give shotgun stocks a coat of gunk oil and grease remover leave overnight then wash of followed with holding over a steaming kettle to lift the grain fine steel wool with a little of the oil you are going to use little at a time , this time of the year the oil will take longer to sett ,i think the lack of sunlight slows it all down ,its a job you wont do over a weekend.

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    Truwax is a good one to use, too. I have a conditioning oil that I use who's name escapes me at the moment. I'll post the name of it when I get home later

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