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Thread: Boot Selection ??

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    Boot Selection ??

    Hi All, I am looking for some good Stalking boots with great ankle support , I can't seem to find a shop which has a large selection any advice would be welcome.. I did hear about some Boots called Exmoor 2s I think but can't find them anywhere..



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    Isle of Wight. but I am happy to buy online just looking for a good selection as these boots are so much money what to get the right pair..


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    I can recommend meindl taiga, but it depends alot on what fits your foot

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    I would never buy a pair of boots without trying them on. Best to wait until you travel somewhere with a good selection to try.
    I like the Altberg boots and intend to buy a pair of Tethera's next but I tried them on first. Of course you could get lucky but buying boots online could just turn into an expensive process.

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    Meindl make great boots but are a tight fit so best to go up a size if buying online.

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    Sounds like Meindl is a fav for people , I like the look and spec of the Harkila Pro Hunter GTX 10" Boot. as well I think I need to try them on as you guys say. so need to find a place to visit ..


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    It's always best to try a boot on before you buy but if you cant, try here: Phone them, they'll put you in the right boot.

    A good quote would be "look after your feet and they'll last you for miles". Although good boots are expensive, quality costs. They'll not let you down and you'll get the benefit every step you take, it's an investment you should always get right.

    Personally i have two pairs of boots, Altberg Sneeker - kneel to fire, lightweight and very flexible for the milder months and Meindl Dover Extreme for the colder months (with an extra sock). Both boots are well made but both have their places.

    I've had my Altberg for 5 years and the Meindl for 3 years.

    Hope it helps.

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    Fully agree, go to a shop to try them. I am in the market for new boots. Had to pairs by postorder and no good fit. I can return them, no problem. Will go to a shop in the coming days and compare what's available.
    I was spoiled with an excellent pair of Chirucas. had them for years, waterproof and comfortable. Feel like a running shoe. Don't seem to be able to find similar replacement.

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