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Thread: Wellies

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    Hi guys im after new wellies. What wellies keep feet warm and are fairly tough? I will need neoprene as have a problem with cold feet.

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    I've had Chameaus for some years. They used to last 4-5 years. They now last 18 months. My next pair will be Aigles Iso's
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    Aigle boots all the way I've had a pair of neoprene wellies
    for over 15 years and there still going strong.

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    Aigles, I wear wellies most of the winter in work, 5yrs and just about finished now, le chameus have gone down in boots and wellies.

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    Aigle. I use them all of my "outdoor life " . I have the parcours unlined and neoprene lined. Also have the muckboot Tay Sport. Muckboot might be warmer but a lot less comfortable. Aigle boots are just very good and comfortable. Le Chameau might have a stronger rubber, just an impression.

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    Aigle ,le chams are crap now,

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    Always had chameaus, but bought a cheap pair of Aigles ( 45 ) and they are so quiet to stalk in. Just like trainers!

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    I have the normal green ones about 100 and the heavy duty neoprene for winter stalking, both are brilliant, soft warm and very quiet to stalk in.
    They are made for all types of country life in my opinion.

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    Aigle Parcours ISO everytime. Use them daily in the field. They support the ankle well and fit the foot, obviously everybody is different but try them.

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