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Thread: Sling swivels , recknagel and Allan Rhone

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    Sling swivels , recknagel and Allan Rhone

    Right this might help some members out on here as I'm sure there are some who have the same problem as me ( ooohh urrrrh )

    It all started with buying a Mauser m03 and receiving a free mauser neoprene sling I fitted the normal sling swivals that you can pick up which did the job but there was always this thought in the back of my mind that this arrange ment could be better

    what is he on about , what could be better I here u ask ?

    Now my mauser comes with what they call US style sling studs in the stock which are 3.6mm diameter hole and 8mm width but I do know some are 3mm diameter hole and 6mm width which are called euro

    many sling swivals are std US style and are suitable for a 11/2 inch width sling

    my Mauser sling is 20 mm width so what's the problem I here you ask well I find the 20mm width sling a bit sloppy in a 11/2 inch width swival so after lots of research on the net and phoning around I came to the conclusion that next to no one does a sling swival in 3.6mm and for a narrower euro sling

    until speaking with the good people at Allan Rhone I told them what I was after and they MADE up a sort of half and half swival from the recknagel catalog so half US to fit the 3.6mm stud and the other half a euro width ring bit suitable for narrow slings upto 20mm width

    so now my sling fits perfectly in the swival with no slop and the swival fits perfectly on the rifle

    some might think why go to all that trouble just for a pair of sling swivals well if I think something can be better I'll persue until I achieve it

    I hope this might help someone else out who feels the same as me

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    Hi Mark
    Interesting and good that you worked towards a solution - photos/sketch would add insight to how you resolved the issue?

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    This is the exact reason I got rid of my Niggeloh sling, and chance of some pics and how much did the swivels end up costing you, I know recknagel aren't cheap..?



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    Sling swivels come with loops in sizes to accomodate 3/4, 1, 1.25 and 1.50 inch wide slings, at the ends where they attach.

    And, as Markfox notes, the mounting studs, if of the type with a rounded stud and a hole drilled through it, come in different width studs, and holes, so you have to match those up, or your swivels will rattle.

    I am making a sling now, to move among some rifles, which works as a single sling, but also has a detachable second strap to stabilize it on the back for climbing and bending over, so I have been through several iterations of hardware and connectors to make it work - changing to a new swivel tonight which has two joints, to swing and pivot, relieving any combined stresses on the stud and swivel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern View Post
    changing to a new swivel tonight which has two joints, to swing and pivot, relieving any combined stresses on the stud and swivel.
    Any chance of a brand name?

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    Your M03 came with US style studs? Are they the quick release type or bolted in and did you specify you wanted them in US size? Can you tell me where you got your rifle from as I need to track down a set of these studs for mine!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northwest View Post
    Any chance of a brand name?
    Some of the parts do have a brand name, but most of them I just sourced from manufacturers or salvaged off of computer bags, camera bags, etc. I will finish sewing my sling up tonight and post some photos, close ups of the swivels, and brand and part numbers.

    ---- later ---
    The 2-way swivel on the forend is part number 12130 by Limbsaver.
    The push button snap swivel came from a manufacturer in Taiwan.

    Now that I have it together, see that the Z-Aim is similar to mine. We just have different hardware and adjustments.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2-way-swivel-sm.jpg  
    Last edited by Southern; 28-01-2015 at 17:41. Reason: added photos, brand, part number

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    I modified the lower end of my secondary strap at the butt end and it really works well now, on one of my heavier rifles, too. I will put it on a carbine next, which should really hold it right behind my back. I can adjust it over to the side and carry a small rucksack with it.

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    One of the reasons I signed up to a handsewn leather course.


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    I have had good luck with this type of swivel in several applications.


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