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Thread: Tikka 595 stock

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    Tikka 595 stock


    Im looking for a aftermarket fibre glass type or simular stock for my Tikka 22.250 with std profile barrel, preferably a thumb hole but anything considered.


    Deer Stalker

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    Hi Deer Stalker

    Jackson Rifles has some McMillan stocks for the 595

    I have had a stock from there and it was available for immediate delivery. Peter Jackson also deals with the Robertson stocks that I think can be inlet for the 595. Might be worth giving him a call.



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    Thanks fot that, i have just found out Jackson rifles is about 20 min away from where i stalk in Scotland i will call in next time im up.


    Deer Stalker

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    Try he's in Grimsby. He's making me one for my 308 L/H 595

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