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Thread: Dartmoor throughout the year time lapse photography

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    Dartmoor throughout the year time lapse photography

    You must watch this, it's a stunning time lapse film of Dartmoor throughout the year, absolutely breath taking, i am so lucky to live and fish where i do. People who drive across Dartmoor can appreciate a little of it's beauty, but just getting out of the car and hiking/fishing (and guide some of my fishing clients) onto the moor is a great experience. The guys who filmed it are so, so talented, a great advert for Dartmoor, enjoy.


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    Stunning. Don't quite get scenery like that in Essex. Southend on a Saturday night can be quite colourful, but not quite the same. Very jealous.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Beautiful. So glad I live there!

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    Wow, truly spectacular, Dartmoor certainly has more to offer than I ever realised, I have very fond memories of the area.

    Thank you for sharing Richard.

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    Fabulous. Usually these sorts of films are done in exotic locales, but it's great to see one done on local ground.

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    A stunning piece of photography, visual perfection

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    As said beautiful, stunning scenery, wonderful colours, great photography, you are lucky to live there.

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