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Thread: First time out with new Rifle

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    First time out with new Rifle

    I woke up this morning at 4.30 am clogged solid with a head cold that seemed to develop and creep up on me while i was asleep,After having a cuppa and a couple of Tablets i decided to go for an early morning Stalk to try and clear my head abit so i picked up my Brand new 25.06 to give it a try out, i had zeroed it in Saturday gave it a good clean and zeroed it again so this would be the first time out on live Quarry if i could find any.I made my way to the Farm that i seem to be jinxed at the one where i have left sticks behind , hit the wall with my Truck and finally had my NV fly off the Truck, i parked in the drive and could'nt believe my eyes for in the Home field was standing 4 Roe some fair way across the field , they were feeding in the pouring rain but were undisturbed.I crept down under the hedge in a position where i could get a safe shot if the chance arose,i got to within 138 yards of the group then i got clocked they ran a few yards to my left and stopped looking back at me, they were still safe for a shot so i lay prone in the mud resting on my Bipod and i had a perfect shot, one Doe dropped on the spot with a perfect heart and lung shot the others were gone across the field and disappeared back into the wood.I was really pleased with the new Rifle first Roe with the very First shot perhaps now my run of bad luck on this Farm has turned into good luck .After getting the Deer back to the Truck i made my way to an old pit where i some times dump dead Foxes and some Deer Gralloch, i had to drive across 2 fields to get to the Farmers Pit and in the 2nd field i saw 3 more Roe very unusual to see Deer here always a chance of a Fox or 2 though. I stopped and slowly took out the 25.06 out of it's sleeve and chambered a round again i lay down in the wet grass the Doe was stood safe at 141 yards as my range finder told me, i zeroed in on the Does chest and sent a 100 grain bullet straight into the engine room and as the first one had done she dropped without another movement, this morning was a good test for the new Rifle and me aswell the way i felt when i first got out of bed this morning .After Gralloching the 2 Deer and bending down my head was pounding so off home for some more Tablets .I think the new Rifle is going to soon pay for it's self in no time at all.

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    Good calibre 25.06, I know many don't like it, but again alongside the 270 it is another calibre I have used for a long time, especially on Red hinds in Scotland. 100g bullet is travelling fast and it knocks them down (providing the bullet is in the right place of course)

    Well done and a memorable morning for you.
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    nice write up and well done! thanks for that.

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    Well done mate, i am very pleased to hear that you are bonding with the new rifle, lets hope you feel better soon, cheers Geoff

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    Nice story Owen at least you are seeing deer on your ground, not like the ones you couldn't see with us even though they were there.

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    Robin i have been to spec savers since i got back from your end lol so look out next season..

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    I understand you couldn't even see your nv set up on the roof of the car ? I'd throw those glasses away and buy a stick if I were you

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    Robin i am thinking more in the lines of a Guide Dog lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THE STALKER View Post
    Robin i am thinking more in the lines of a Guard Dog lol.
    A guard dog or a guide dog mate

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