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Thread: Conetrol "Custum" rings and bases - Mauser, 30mm (new)

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    Conetrol "Custum" rings and bases - Mauser, 30mm (new)

    Famously hard to find "Projectionless Mounts" from Conetrol

    These are the "Custum" version, extra fine finishing and smoother profile bases
    Additional screws fitted to the lower rings to keep them together on the scope when removed from the bases.
    Creating a QR option

    Tapered rings blend into scope to present a very smooth profile, much enhancing a traditional sporting rifle appearance -- Catalog Page

    30mm rings
    bases measure 10mm and 6mm suitable for up to a 50mm if you must
    ideal for a 44mm!!

    retail at around $250 in the US before shipping and taxes

    £175 shipped RMSD

    some examples:

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    Arghhhh, I needed some 1" rings.
    30mm are more expensive.
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    Everyone knows you can't expect to kill a deer with anything less than a 30mm tube, a x50 objective and a set of the finest custum control mounts money can buy!

    sure I can sell you a 30mm tubed scope to go with them.....

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    "I've looked at scopes from both sides now and still some how I really don't know Conetrol at all".


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