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    .243 Win. original Sedgemoor of Birmingham build.

    Bore in good condition, groups 1/2" with factory ammo

    Mauser 98 action, bedded.

    Exact round count unknown but I suspect a few thousand to go still before accuracy impacted by wear.

    Not threaded

    Does not come with pictured scope. Mounts can be negotiated if desired (Weaver + Warne 1" in Medium). If desired, I can leave a sling, mounts and the old (a bit tatty but works on a fixed height) bipod on the rifle. I can also offer to install a leupold 4-12x40 in great condition and zero it so the rifle is ready to shoot. Another option is a Nikko Stirling 4x40 which was previously installed and holds zero fine.

    This is a nice light .243 for general stalking and foxing and will serve someone much better than buying any unknown quality 2nd hand rifle on guntrader that won't shoot or has safety issues, etc. etc. It's a VERY reliable workhorse that you can trust and do not have to be afraid to take out in the rain or to scratch.

    For Rifle (bare) 350

    Rifle, sling, bipod, bases and rings + Leupold 4-12x40 550

    Rifle, sling, bipod, bases and rings + Nikko Stirling Silver Crown 4x40 (some wear but a good scope previously used on this rifle, so holds zero just fine). 450. This would be an excellent cheap and complete setup for anyone, with a rifle that is very reliable and no questions on ability to group.

    Rifle can be threaded and delivered with an Atec Maxim 6.5mm moderator 1/2" UNF (less than 25 round count). Was 259.95 originally, will sell (inc. threading) for an extra 225Attachment 52106Attachment 52107.

    All prices +

    please PM with enquiries
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    Price re-think on this package.

    Rifle + Leupold 4-12x40 in warne mounts: 400 + postage.

    heck of a combo IMHO.
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    Wow, lovely looking rifle. Really good value.

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    Peter wont be back down in Duns till wkend but interested in gun don't need scope phone number up here 01333450695 Cheers Mick

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    Peter will catch up with you at weekend where on estate are you Cheers

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