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Thread: Size 14 Zip Wellies - HELP

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    Size 14 Zip Wellies - HELP

    Hullo All,

    I need new wellies. I have both large and odd feet. Which means I need size 14 wellies with a zip, an ideally neo lined. Otherwise I take about an hour to get them off. Budget is around 100. Currently have a pair of Aigles from uttings on order as well as a pair of LaCrosse from Bushwear. Does anyone know where either of the above boots will be in stock in a 13.5/14? Im up stalking roe in Aberdeenshire from the 12th to the 16th. So cant buy them at the gamefair, and need them for that stalking at the latest.

    HELP Please

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    I've got Grubbs Stalkers - 13's - I've been told they go bigger (Muckboots are the same type of thing) Cham's are just our of your price range really - but they do go up to that'll need another 60 for the cheaper ones

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