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Thread: Rifle Bedding

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    Rifle Bedding

    I am looking at glass bedding my wooden stocked Sako AV. The main reason is that although I have sanded out the stock, when I put a bipod and moderator on the forend of the rifle flexes and the stock starts to touch the barrel.

    I have been watching videos on Youtube with them using a product called Devcon.

    Would people just suggest bedding the action or because of the flexing, full length bedding?



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    I have not done any bedding, but I would clarify the exact problem before I spent any money.

    For the older Sakos the received advice is to have up pressure at the forend of 6-8lbs, this is from the sakocollectors club, no idea if this applies to your rifle.

    I read the details of a benchrest competitor who had an adjustable disk at the forend so he could adjust the forend pressure which made a lot of difference to accuracy.

    This is the link:

    How does it shoot?

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    Good advice about the SAKO fore end. YEars ago I had a budding gun tinkerer come into my shop proudly showing me the "free floating" job he did on his SAKO, and marveling at the fact that SAKO would have been so careless in their inletting to have left a "lump" of wood in the fore end barrel channel. I handed him the number of the US importer of SAKO at the time in case he later needed to order a replacement "lump" to make his rifle shoot well again. I wasn't wrong. The rifle had gone from 1.5MOA to 2.75 MOA.~Muir

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    Just the other side of the coin, My Finnbear .270............ the "Lump" was the first item to be removed, free floated & re-crowned............. shoots bugholes now Muir, I thank you for that term!, I think it really describes things properly! Steve.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    thanks. I think it is just because 30 year old Sakos were never designed to put a mod and bipod on. When I bought it the swivel stud was touching the barrel and this may have provided some upward pressure. But other than bedding I cannot think of anything else to strengthen the stock for using the rifle in this way.


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    Ian, how much clear room have you given between wood & steel, when you say you have sanded out?...the gap on mine is quite pronounced, although not an eyesore, certainly a lot more than the bare minimum needed to pass an A4 sheet between?. Mine wears a Wildcat when the notion takes me.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I have read that you can place 1 or 2 small squares of card or similar under the forend to simulate pressure on the action. You can then shoot it and see if full-length bedding would be appropriate and groups improve before doing anything permanent.

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    Hi Finnbear,
    by the sounds of it I may need to sand some more. The gap is probably about 2mm. The Harris bipod seems to flex the whole forened and brings it up to touch the barrel. I have noted that after this has happened the gap never seems to be consistantly the same.



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    My rifle is all prepped up ready for bedding.
    Devcon is on it's way from the states, Plastacine came in a 1lb pack from ebay, action is filled up, stock is relieved (properly this time) and all the old bedding has been ground out.
    I eventually managed to get the recoil lug out of the stock but unfortunately i destroyed it getting it out so i had to make a new one which took a little while.
    i've made 2 long action screws.
    Next step will be to de-grease the stock and tape it up then i'll be ready for the Epoxy. I will try and take a couple of pics of when it's finished and maybe a target of the results (if it still shoots)


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    I've just sanded out the lugs on the forend of my sako 691 as the barrel was only touching one lug got around 2.5mm allround now but haven't tried it out yet ,i'm hoping its going to be an improvement,can always bed it back again if its not i suppose.
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