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Thread: CZ/Brno history

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    CZ/Brno history

    I'm looking into getting an inexpensive .222 set up and a CZ looks a likely contender. (I've had contact with a couple of sellers on here, but am still awaiting my FAC). Adverts sometimes describe them as CZ or BRNO and it's not clear which is the older. As far as I can tell it is approximately (from oldest): BRNO fox - BRNO 527 - CZ527.
    Is this correct? Cheers

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    Yes you are pretty much correct. There have been changes along the way, but not much. I feel that the old Brno's were better finished in the first place, and now after lots of use they feel very smooth, whereas a CZ works, is accurate etc, but could do with a few hours of polishing etc to make it silky smooth to use.

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    Wow, that was fast! Thanks

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    CZ stands for Ceska Zbrojovka ( Czech gunmaker, or "arms maker" )
    CZ was founded in 1917, and has had several factories.
    Brno denotes the Brno factory, in the large ancient city of Brno.

    VZ is an abbreviation of vzor ("model"), like "Vz-24.

    The Germans set up Mauser factories in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia to build small arms in circumvention of the Treaty of Versailles. So lots of the CZ rifles are in the M-98 long rifle of WWI, and the later K-98 (kurz) short rifle of WWII.

    After the war, they produced a very smooth, sleek Mauser variation, the ZG-47, upon which the 21 and 22 models were built. Later models were the 600, 601 and 602, larger framed Mausers. Today's CZ-550 is an updated sporting Mauser derivative, not quite as smooth as the 600 series, and certainly not the ZG-47, but with excellent barrels, and the actions will smoot in with use. They are one of the few barrel makers still hand honing and polishing the rifling as a final step.

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    Avoid the Fox. I had one in .222 and it was a very accurate rifle but the set triggers were a severe annoyance. I am Ok with double set triggers as a whole, but on the Fox the un-set trigger was too far forward and hugely heavy, causing the need to set the trigger at every shot. Buy a CZ 527 American and be happy. I have two. Excellent rifles.~Muir

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    Stop it, Muir, you Son of Satan. I have been craving a CZ 527 Lux in .223 for a long time. It is such a scaled down match for my vintage Mauser sporting rifles. I know a T3 in .223 makes more sense, right? And I already have a bolt action .223 which shoots so well. And you just pushed me to buy a T3 in 7mm-08.

    If you ever see a take-off CZ 550 barrel, grab it for a project. That is the best part of the modern CZ rifles.

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    Does anyone know if there is a source for manuals for out of production models? I have a 502.4 (12g/.222) and would love the cutaway etc. But I have had no response emailing either CZ or CZ USA

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    Have you tried this website Sash?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Great find 8x57!

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    that is a fantastic website, and I may spend a LOT of time there!
    but, alas, no manual for the CZ 502.4

    many thanks anyway

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