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Thread: Cooking muntjac

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    Cooking muntjac

    Hi guys i just wondered what is the best way to cook muntjac?

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    I wouldn't worry about the cooking. It's the skinning that will drive you mad.
    But the same as any venison, simply roasted and not over-done.
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    skin it warm if you can and it's not so bad.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Normally I take as much of the meat off the bone as poss then cube it up and cook casseroles or chillis with it.
    generally tho it just gets used as a substitute for beef with us.

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    I have recently smoked a muntjac shoulder slow cooking all day in a Peetz smoker on lower temperature making sure it did not dry out. I started with it free hanging and ended up wrapping it in foil after basting it. It was devoured that night by guests who kept asking for more.

    The above comments on skinning are relevant. I think that muntjac are not valued enough in the field or on the table that is a shame as I think the meat is the most delicate of the all venison species in the UK. The problem is that no one wants to process it weight for weight as it takes about the same time. But I think the fact that it is muntjac makes it worthwhile.

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    Skin it, and remove the filets which are cut and bagged in portion sizes. Keep one leg for a roast and then dice/mince everything else into 600g bags and freeze.

    Easy to go to the "caught not bought" freezer when we want casserole, Hunters' pie, spag bol, chilli, lasagne, burgers etc... As Mike said in #4, used in everyday cooking instead of beef.

    It's amazing how quickly you go through it!!
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    The few i have done skinned easily. I just followed it with the knife. I have only done legs in a slow cooker so far and its nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan71 View Post
    Hi guys i just wondered what is the best way to cook muntjac?
    An oven works for me!

    Sorry couldn't resist

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    If you have a mincer make sausages if not talk to a butcher save the saddle as steaks round me it costs about a pound a pound to have them made my kids love them

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    For our beaters shoot yesterday I did a muntjac loin and haunches,marinaded in fresh ginger honey garlic red wine teriyaki sauce and veg oil. Slow roasted for ten hours pulled the meat off the bone served in cobs, every body said it was fantastic. Attachment 52368
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