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Thread: Sealing a laminated stock

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    Sealing a laminated stock

    Hi all,
    I recently purchased a laminated boyds stock for my stalking rifle set up. Nothing wrong, but where the barrel channel has be opened up there is obviously the dry unsealed laminated edges. What is best/recommended way to seal this area from the elements if one is caught in a downpour or damp day?

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    I am interested in learning what people do after they have sanded out the channel in a laminate stock, like I did to my Boyds stock at the weekend. It did sand nicely and as it is a spare stock i have left it for now but need to add something to it before she goes outing the field.

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    The boyds stocks come with a lacquer finish so my mate done mine with a satin finish can of car lacquer.

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    Marine clear varnish is another option.

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    I have some Marine varnish so may give that a go. Thanks

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    Tru oil is as good as anything but will take a few weeks to do a stock properly.

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    Thanks for the replies so far. Any more ideas keep em coming!

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    I,ve bedded a few Boyd stocks, and always finished and sealed them with colron teak oil in natural
    and its always done a fine job.

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    Great. Thanks again all.

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    I have used marine varnish on mine
    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

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