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Thread: High seat safety

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    High seat safety

    I was by coincidence at home today and my neighbor on whos ground I stalk was repairing a kanzel (a shooting box on stilts) I arranged to meet him at the box in half an hour but I was delayed by 10mins.
    I arrived in snowy conditions and he had started alone and slipped and fell off the box 2.5 metres, onto flat ground, I managed to get him into my vehicle for the 700 m drive back to his house, we called the paramedics and he has been trundled off to the hospital with some suspected broken ribs and shock.
    In winter icy conditions we should only work as 2 man teams and have a phone available. He might have died as he had just missed a pointed hammer on the ground.

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    I hope your friend has a speedy recovery and aint hurt to badly

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    Hope he's ok.
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    He has bad bruising and was kept in hospital overnight that will be a lesson I hope. Here is some good news for him.
    I went out later yesterday and got a 41KG boar, I sat out on a open high seat from 9pm till 01am at -1 degrees and I was watching 2 boar feeding away on a ploughed-over maize field with a good snow cover to it which meant the vision contrast was good, 140 steps I paced out and hit and destroyed the heart with a 30-06 round nose tip, it ploughed straight through both sides and even then it still trotted off in a circle then on into the woods and folded up when it hit the first tree.

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    He has six broken ribs on the right side and must stay in hospital for all of next week too, very bad news for him as we have almost a full moon plus eight inches of fresh snow and lots of boar sign.

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    Waidmannsheil for your boar and best wishes to your injured friend.

    I am putting in two a nights a weeks at the moment as we have plenty of boar moving at the moment. Some of our highseats are precarious to say the least. 5m high and little to sit on. I am seriously considering getting a safety harness of some kind. Ifonly we could convert them into high towers!

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    American bow hunters use a variation of a car safety belt system because the death rate was too high, when you drop off to sleep as has happened to me more than once on early shift it is a scarer, but I have yet to develop one for a European hunt style..

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    Here you go gents, a trade outlet for safety harnesses. We used to buy and sell loads of them when the H&S bug hit but it's died off now.
    Good gear at the right price.

    Safety Harnesses | Buy Your Safety Harness Online

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    I think he fell while on the platform and those harnesses would have hindered his movements a lot but may have helped him.
    But just climbing into a kanzel on a very snowy & icy day was his undoing. Schould have stayed at hom but I will be out tonight too so I cannot really blame him too much.
    I have a pal in UK told me today that one broken rib hurts like hell so I do not envy him six broken ribs.

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    They don't really hinder movement, it's just something else to do though. Supposed to be three points of contact or clip on. In an ideal world it would be climb ladder, clip on, step up onto platform.

    Me being Black Country tend to think of things like that on the way down

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