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Thread: Primer seater.... What you using?

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    Primer seater.... What you using?

    OK guys, as a reliable bunch of fellow reloaders, without the amazing (arguably) over indulgence in double measuring, checking run out of bullets, necks etc......

    Does anyone have or know of a primer seater that can be calibrated or set to insert primers to a constant depth in the primer pocket?

    I currently use an RCBS hand press but it is very easy not to get the primers at a constant depth. This has caused a few light strikes on the 6.5x55.

    Over to you guys.

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    The Lee with 'feeel'.

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    I use a Lee safety primer and can't say I have had any issues to be honest. I load a variety of ammunition but almost all in the smaller calibres.

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    +1 for Lee ,cant say I use any of there other product though

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    I use the primer seating tool that came on my Forster co-ax press its a slow single feed tool but very consistent.

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    Lee but just bought an RCBS bench mounted unit - not received it yet.

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    Just seen the K&M dial seating tool that Spud has... Anyone using one?

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    yes got one but i do also use their smaller version whioch is nice as well but the lee takes some beating for vfm
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    Already using the RCBS which I prefer to the LEE (had two didnt like either��) do you have the Forster co-ax bench press type?

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