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Thread: Parker Hale Catalogue - 1982

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    Parker Hale Catalogue - 1982


    A bit sad I know but I recently picked up a Parker Hale Ugartechea Sidelock Ejector and was just trying to find out what model it is.

    It's got a Spanish proof B2 which I believe is 1982 and from looking around the internet think it might be a 602 but if anyone has a catalogue from that era it would be helpful.

    Many thanks,


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    In catalogue 86, 602 is a ble

    sle are
    604 (rose and scoll-ish, a bit on the fences) and 605 (more flowery-type, incl all over fences) old silver action finish and concave rib. Neither with teardrop

    606 - all to special order

    607, 608 colour-hardened actions (yum!), teardrops, better?/more engraving than 604/605.
    607 - concave rib, 608 25" and narrow Churchill rib.

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    Cornell publications make copy's of loads of gun companys

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    Cheers Guys,

    I reckon it's a 604 then, thanks for the heads up with Cornell I'll have a look round the net and see what I can find.


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