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Thread: Quad bike insurance

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    Quad bike insurance

    Hello All, bought a new Quad to be used on our shoot and for recovery of the reds. have insurance for fire and theft at home but struggling for cover while on the trailer being towed at the back of my navara if it was road legal would have no problem getting it covered. Anyone know of any insurance company thats sympathetic to shooting and non road running use?

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    Adrian Flux special vehicles insured our Argo's for off road use, but only third party. Try them and see what they say. Quite reasonable as well.

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    NFU are worth a ring, not always the cheapest but they provide very good cover

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    We have the fishing clubs one insured as a "private possesion" all risks, we were told this was the only option
    as it is not registered, so is treated the same as all the rest of our equipment. Everything is covered against fire, theft and vandalism.
    Everything is also kept in a container, well three of them actually, all are well away from any habitation, cover was not a problem.
    Think the total is about 30k and costs less than 200 a year, and the cover works as we found out the hard way.


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    NFU 250 for the year , not the chepest but the only one who understands what you actually want to use it for !

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
    Sponsored proudly by Pfanner, Blaser, Clark Forest.

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    Blue Fin,bit cheaper than NFU !

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    Thanks for the help gents and sorry for the late reply, been working away and no access to the net.
    tried NFU and struggling because they cant cover it while on the trailer being towed to the shoot, spoken to our Bluefin rep that insures our business and that sounds promising, although I am waiting for a reply from AIM insurance services via BASC and its taking the broker a while to call me back. Will post the results when sorted as it may help others.
    Thanks again

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