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Thread: Loan shark the loan sharks.

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    Loan shark the loan sharks.

    Halifax Reward Current Account. (NOT the Ultimate Reward one)

    You must be 18 or over.
    You must pay in 1001 GBP/month.
    If you do, and your balance stays above 0 GBP for the month, they'll pay you 5 GBP.
    No fees.

    You can have three accounts.
    Hubby/wifey can have three accounts.
    It doesn't matter where the 1001 GBP comes from. (standing order from another Halifax account is fine)

    So if you have 1004 GBP you'd like to save, go open three Halifax accounts. Plonk 1002 GBP in account A, and 1 GBP in accounts B and C. Set up a standing order from A-B, B-C, C-A every month. (allow time for them to clear) Halifax will pay you 180 GBP/year, or a shade under 18% interest on money that you can access instantly should you need it. Get the wife to sign up and you could get 360 GBP/year (but check how long payments take to clear/that you won't run into bank holiday/weekend type problems - I haven't done this, mine just go on the 2nd/12th/22nd)

    All kosher, and somewhat satisfying loaning the bank money at an eye-watering interest rate for a change.

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    Be nice to get back at them for making my life a hell when l was a student. They changed the goal posts on student overdrafts yearly, ending up with signing into a personal loan

    Paid it off less than a year later and learned a valuable lesson, never get an overdraft extended, or for that matter an overdraft..


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