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Thread: Rough shoot with a suprise

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    Rough shoot with a suprise

    Went rough shooting tuesday and got more than we thought we would see. Went to the first spot and on arival we saw a fox to the left of where we were going. Half way we had a flush and got a couple of birds. Then a fox came out and was shot. At the end of this bit we had seen 3 fox. The rough was only 20 yards wide and 300 yards long. After another drive we ended up seeing another fox.
    on this farm we had 5 birds and a fox.
    In the afternoon we went to another farm. Saw 2 foxes and got both. Total for the day was 12 birds 1 woodcock and 3 foxes.

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    Would think some serious fox control would improve the bird count ..

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    We did a lot of rough shooting here over 15-20 years, mainly woodcock snipe and duck on unkeepered ground. We shot a lot of foxes, just flushing cover with GSP's and spaniels. It was great crack. We would have had one or two most weeks.
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    Both bits of land are beside big shoots with keepers. And the first bit gets lamped several times a week. The foxes move about alot at this time of year.

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    We had a plague of them on beaters day as well. Must have seen 5 for the day and they messed up a couple of drives. We didn't shoot any though, inexperienced young guns and ground game don't really mix. A spot of lamping will be in order after the season I expect.

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    Paired up at the moment, and moving alot

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    We see six shot at 3 killed 3. The first farm had chickens taken. Maybe there is cubs about?

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    I remember as a kid walking up a silage field with my dad and one other chap
    we put up six foxes within about 100yds all out on the open and in the same field

    figured they were all sunbathing!

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