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Thread: Butchery/Cutting table

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    Butchery/Cutting table

    I have a 6' x 2' by 3/4" thick butchery/cutting table which is polypropylene top. The one side is well worn but can be put on a CNC or sander and have a couple mm taken off. I did this on my other table. I brought this as part of a job lot for my set up. It's worn but one side is good nick and will do for a home set up. The table base is aluminium. The pots and dishes and couple of knives are all included. I'm looking for 180 ono.
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    Chaps this is taking up too much space and I'm playing musical tables. Price drop 150 PM ​for any other info.

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    If it helps I'm going to the shooting show on Saturday and can take the table with me to help with any potential purchase.

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