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Thread: High Seat Telescopic Tree Stand (Best one?)

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    High Seat Telescopic Tree Stand (Best one?)

    Any one know which the best Telescopic or Folding high seat is ? I know there are lots out there I guess I would like a quality one , done fancy dropping to the ground with a loaded rifle ..
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    I use Bushwear's Panther. It's light, easy to move around and set up. I've found it great for foxing and it's not too expensive. Well worth a look.
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    The Panther is very good and taller than the telescopic ones particularly with the extension. Sometimes thier on offer. Had mine for 5 years now, lives outside still good.

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    OK great so found the bushware Panther and also one of Ebay QUALITY HIGH SEAT DEER STALKING EASY UP FOLDING 1 minute RRP £349 roe red fallow | eBay

    I don't fancy the Telescopic ones now I have seen these. I like the ebay one but it looks like you don't have anyway to take a side shoot. BW one is more money also Postage to I.O.W will cost me..

    more pictures of ebay one.
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    grayedout, I have one of the highseats shown in your ebay link, didn't buy it from the same seller but it looks exactly the same. They are fine but in all honesty, the panther looks better. They look to fold up more compactly for transporting and the ability to shoot sideways will pay premiums. First time I used my highseat I shot a red from a sideways shot and it involved coming out of the seat, crouching on the small foot platform and using the sloping diaganol of the shooting rail as a rest - far from perfect and I've now fettled it to have side rails too. I bought mine because I wanted one quickly and could pick it up locally, with hinsight I would have been far better off waiting and getting the panther delivered.

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    Sealand high seat,bit more sturdy imho than the panther though the front rail is still not perfect.

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    Suggest you contact mereside on the forum as he makes them, rated to 110kg? I think


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    It is a trade of the Seeland Hercules.Got mine for 175 use it regular.

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    The seeland one looks good but the Panther has a few advantages over the other two. It is the lightest at 12.5kg, spares are available if you need them and lastly you can fit the extension which makes it a proper 'high seat'.

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