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Thread: Leupold vx3 3.5 10 x50 Or 4.5x14 x50 opinions

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    Leupold vx3 3.5 10 x50 Or 4.5x14 x50 opinions

    Got a friend in America at the minute and he said he will bring me a scope back and I have seen these 2

    what are people's views on them and which one would you choose for mainly high seat shooting?

    would people bother or just get a fixed mag s&b

    thank you

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    have had the Vx3 in 6.5-20 and a vx2 in 4.5-14

    good well made scopes, solid features and some really nice reticules
    eye relief and sight picture can be a bit fussy if you don't have a well fitting stock and repeatable cheek weld
    Glass is very clear and on a par with any mid range german/euro offering.
    Higher mag options are not great in low light but I can only comment on direct experience rather than direct comparison against a similar scope

    But at the time I shifted all my dedicated stalking rifles onto fixed mag so they all went in favour of
    6x44, 7x50 and 8x50's

    my stalking isn't highseat though, i got caught out with the scope wound right up for a chance that needed a quick sight picture and shot.
    cant beat a fixed mag for that IMO
    highseat may give you more time and benefit from a variable

    all depends on price but they have a solid reputation for warranty and are of the few US makers that will ship to and from UK

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    Worth considering Zeiss Conquest or Meopta Meostar,both optically superior.
    Variable mag more versatile. Although I have a lovely Meopta 7x56 in the sales section if you decide on fixed mag

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    I personally think the best in the lineup for some time is the 2.5-8x36, very well rounded scope for the money.

    that said, there's better glass if you're shooting late where for example a 7x50 fixed S&B would stand out, esp. with the slightly thicker crosshairs.

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    I've got a 2-8 VX3, really nice piece of kit.

    Don't forget that his entire duty free allowance is only 390, so you'll be cutting it pretty fine with the 4.5x14x50, as it's $600 in most places... If you go over the limit, they'll charge VAT and duty on the whole amount.

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    Thanks for comments people, one main seller for me is the lifetime warranty!
    anybody else got any input
    thank you

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    I bought a Sauer 200 which came with a Leupold Vari-x III 3.5-10x50mm and it was a really nice scope. Several of my friends shot the rifle and commented that the scope was a sharper than their Conquests and other German glass. It really was. One of them had to have it, and I wanted to put a smaller 6x on my Sauer, so I sold it to him. He has it on a Browning .270 Win and loves it for deer hunting the big logging cuts, where deer come out in dim light, are hard to see against the dirt, and shots are often 200 to 250 yards. It is a very practical range of power.

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