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Thread: P&J Haggart.

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    P&J Haggart.

    Went up to Aberfeldy to Haggarts shop and it's now a cafe' and a smaller shop has opened 20y along the street called "haggarts" also known as the Temple Gallery. Much smaller offering arty farty prints and the odd tweed item and tweed capped ex army bags but the biggest shock of all is Crawford Campbell has been laid off last week.
    Just as well the old Haggart tweeds last a lifetime or two.
    Shame really as they were miles better than anything now available. End of an era.

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    Always sad when something that has been such a part of life goes down the pan. It's not as if you can mark it down to progress, in the true sense of the word.

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    That's a real shock!
    I suppose it was inevitable but not necessarily right?
    I always loved Haggarts and their old ways, I hope Crawford has been looked after!
    It's a real shame, as I think more and more people are coming back to wearing tweed. I'm now issued with some fancy "stealth type", tweed look alike stuff, not the same!

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    Yes I had heard that too. Just as well my matching stalker and plus fours are only 10 years old

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    Crawford once told me about a Laird that had a pair of tweed +4's that were 90 years old and were getting thin on the ar$e due to three generations sliding down a rocky slope to extract shot deer. Crawford thought he was getting a sale but no. The guy had a pair of lederhosen he wanted an ar$e transplant on to his great Grandfathers breeks.
    No one makes 1700g tweeds now and they do last forever.

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    Heard that Crawford has opened up his own place , near the bus garage in Aberfeldy.

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    K.... Keep me up to date? I have enough to see me out but good kit never goes bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    No one makes 1700g tweeds now
    That's 54oz! Did anyone ever?
    Last edited by Dalua; 26-04-2015 at 08:16.

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    Some said they weren't all that good, latterly. Had mine in 1992. They seem to have shrunk around the waist...a lot... at least that's my excuse. Sad to see them go. I was thinking of a new set as one of the few places that would make a proper English shooting flat cap... like Robert Churchill's with a good overhang at the sides to keep the rain off your ears. Or to take off, turn upside down and use as a seat on damp ground.

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