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Thread: Interesting reticle - anyone got one?

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    Interesting reticle - anyone got one?

    I came across this on another Forum - Has anybody got a scope with one of these reticles?

    Other interesting stuff from David Tubb - Articles



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    Lol, that would be a great reticul for European driven boar...

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    a 32 page manual ! seems a little complex to me
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    given me a migraine just looking at it!!

    adaptation of the Horus reticule with a few more aspects of inclination added

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    Seems very simple to me just needs a red dot !

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    If my eyesight was good enough to use that reticle, I wouldn't need a scope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOMX View Post
    Seems very simple to me just needs a red dot !
    Or several all over the place!

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    I don't recon it's intended for people like me. I'd like to learn about all the long range factors though I've no idea what use they would be to a humble amateur stalker.

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    I think by the time you've read the manual and mastered locating the correct dot matrix, one could have dialled in and made the shot successfully without an overly complex, confusing hash of marks the DTR is,,,,not dissimilar to the Horus (of which I have the same view)….

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