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Thread: Sako or Tikka? Wood or Synthetic?

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    Sako or Tikka? Wood or Synthetic?

    Hello All,

    Looking to change my rifle.
    Is the extra money for a sako worth it compared to a tikka?
    Thinking of either a Tikka T3 or a Sako 75 or 85.
    Also looking at synthetic for practical reasons.
    Has anyone gone over to synthetic and wouldn't go back to wood?

    Appreciate any views.


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    Hi Gyr,
    Its totally down to how much pocket money you have got. I have two T3's a lite in 243 and a Varmint in 308, both in synthetic. I wouldn't go back to wood but thats my choice others may feel differently. Sakos are excellent but a tad heavy for my liking. For a cheap rifle that stops deer it is my choice to have Tikkas. Its an opinion, you will hear others but this ones mine.

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    I have wood but after carrying out culling and an increased amount of fox lamping I am considering going for synthetic. I spend all my time worrying about scratching the bloody thing.

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    I'm a complete convert to stainless/synthetic. My .243 T3 grouped to 1" straight out of the box with Federal 100 grain. It's even better with Norma. Highly recommended.

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    I would not purchase a new rifle with plastic stock, except
    if I'm planning to throw the stock away. Walnut is old fashioned
    but not bad, epoxy sticks to it and makes bedding easy.
    Most people want to have a free floating barrel but don't want a gap
    which just doesn't work in the long run with plastic or wood.
    Warping can be avoided with good varnish or epoxy.
    Saying all that, I just had a tikka lite in my hands yesterday and
    was impressed that the plastic stock was quite stiff, better than
    others. Wood or plastic I would free out the channel and try to
    bed the action.
    How about, get a walnut stock and later a fiber glass stock, both worlds.

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    Tikka and sako are virtually built in the same factory so quality wise they are as good as each other in my opinion, with the sako maybe being slightly heavier.

    I currently run a tikka 595 .243 which i`ve had for about 8 years or so, and also a styer mannlicher .270, both in wood.

    Once again it is a matter of choice for plastic or wood, but i must admit i do like a wooden stock and have never had any problems with them.

    decision decisions

    It`s up to you


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    I crossed over to the dark side (synthetic) about 8 years ago, and have also recently changed my 270 M65 Tikka for a New Tikka T3 in Cammo and stainless.

    Wood is beautiful on a rifle, but for the amount I stalk and a great deal in the highlands, synthetic has its advantages. Either way Sako or Tikka you wont go far wrong with either of these two rifles (basically the same as Wadders has already pointed out)

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    My first centrefire rifle was a wooden stocked rifle, after having it culling roe does for a week in Scotland stopping in a damp caravan and raining everyday, the wood had started to turn white. That was it for me synthetic was the way to go.

    If it is a working rifle that you are actually going to use a bit in adverse weather then go synthetic, for a posing rifle that only comes out for the roe rut in the summer then fine have a wood stocked rifle.

    I have two mates that were firm wood only men, and took the p*** for years about my Tupperware stocks, last year one turned up with a S/S synthetic rifle and other is talking about trying to get a synthetic stock for his Sako to save his wooden one from damage.

    When you come to trade your rifle nobody will care if the plastic has picked up a scratch or two but watch the price tumble with a wood stock. Wood stocks were OK in the 18th century, but now it is time to move on.

    Go Sako or an old Tikka 595 if you can find one.

    Best rgds


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    Funny you mention a Tikka 595, I handled one yesterday.
    It had some use, bit tatty and the dealer wanted over 500 for it.I thought it was dear considering how much a new t3 is.

    Thanks, Gyr

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    I Have 2 Wooden stocked Tikka's one in .223 and one in 6.5x55 (both LH)
    Both shoot 3/4" with handloads all i've done is bedded them and set the triggers the same. Last week i shot a 223 stainless synthetic Sako and was realy impressed but if i had the money it would go on glass.
    of my friends use wooden stocked Tikkas and none of us have ever had a problem with stocks warping.
    The choice is yours.

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