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Thread: New Rifle

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    New Rifle

    I am after some advice, I am thinking of getting a new rifle which I can use on plains game and deer/boar here in the UK. For interest I already have .243, .308 (x2), 9.3x62mm, .375H&H. I am considering a .300 Win Mag built as a W.J. Jefrery by J Roberts, it would be as follows...

    Calibre: .300 Win Mag
    Action: McMillan
    Barrel: Best borders cut barrel, stainless. Any barrel profile, screw cut for a moderator and muzzle brake. If you would also like the barrel fluted there would be an additional charge of 140 + VAT.
    Trigger: Jewell
    Stock: Best Walnut stocked to your measurements. You would have a choice of any blank we have in stock.
    Engraving: Traditional best stalking rifle engraving, including gold serial number & calibre.
    Extras: To include silvers orange pad, recoil bar, grip cap, full glass bedded with free floating barrel.Case included

    What do you folks think? Good rifle?



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    Very nice too! Just my 2p... If you're having a "best" rifle made for you, why not a more "traditional" calibre? And personally I'd skip the barrel fluting, although I had a fluted Border barrel fitted to my Tikka last year and it shoots very well. Finally, I'd make sure any thread cut at the muzzle is covered by an "invisible" thread protector - I can see why you might want a moddy when shooting the rifle, but it won't do anything for the looks!

    As I said, just my thoughts.


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    Thanks Andrew

    I have considered other calibres but thought a .300 would make a nice addition. It would have a blended thread protector so you can hardly see it. I suspect that most of the time I wont use the mod even though I ought to, getting rather deaf! What would you suggest by way of an altrernative calibre as I can order it in pretty much anything?

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    404 Jeffreys?
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    I've not had any experiance of plains game but from reading varius books a .30-06 seems to be one of the favoured. Lots of ammo availible on the dark continent and willl drop pretty much everything (bar the big stuff). Also good on deer, I think Stone uses one (?) for most things.


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    I think I would agree that if it were me spending the money, and I know it isn't me, then I'd maybe want to consider something like 300 H&H or 318 WR if I was willing to go with something for which the ammo wasn't commonly available. The H&H would sit nicely with your 375 as well I suppose and has performance around that of the Win Mag while the 318 is basically a 338-06 but with a bit of history and I believe one of the standard loadings for it was a 180 grain bullet at 2700 fps so that would be ideal for UK deer, if such a bullet is available these days and you wanted to use it in the UK. I think there was someone over on the AR forum who built a 318 about a year or two back and I remember being really impressed.

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    How about the (arguably) classic - 275 Rigby?

    If you are considering a bespoke build, Trevor Proctor would also be on my list, (not using a Mauser 98 I hasten to add), his wood work is exceptional.

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    can I have you .375 h&h please, I think it's only fair.......

    will paint and clean if necessary

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    You could have a look through the offerings from Kynamco - they manufacture lots of the old medium and big game cartridges (


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    So many choices! I do think though that the ammuniton ought to be readily available which makes some of the bigger British calibres harder. Also I don't want another dangerous game rifle and yes Paul I will be keeping my .375 - sorry! I am tempted by .300H&H but that will require a bigger action I believe. Anyway this could all be for naught if the Met say NO!

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