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Thread: Veiws on Vortex scopes.

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    Veiws on Vortex scopes.

    I've had a look through a few and been quite impressed, whilst I'm a fixed mag S&B man, I'm looking to start using these on a few rifles I'm putting together.

    They seem better than Leupold at a sensible price point and still have that very reassuring lifetime warranty.

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    I've only looked through one that's friend had just bought and it did look like nice glass and well built. They've not been about long so will have to see how well the lifetime warranty actually holds up. I've not heard of anyone taking one back yet though which is a good sign.

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    I'm happy with mine: use it for comps that require frequent elevation adjustments on the fly (25-600yd) and it is totally repeatable. Glass is good for the money in my PST and there are some good design touches for the price.

    Can't comment on the cheaper end of the range. The Razors I played with were very nice but I've not owned one.

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    I have 2 vortex scopes and for the money are very good value. Lifetime gurantee.

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    Im happy with my vortex, there good value for money and have a life time warranty. I know 2 other guys who have them to, no complaints from them either.

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    I have two, well impressed.

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    My son has a V Viper 4-16 PST milirad and he dials in with it, fitted to his annie, last time we were out together he shot a magpie at 97 yds just dialed in. Last weeked he was plinking at eggs out to 137 yds (pushing it withh .22lr) unless your using match ammo.

    For the money you cannot fault them, nice reticule but I don't like the fact it all illuminates. The zero stop works fine and overall an excellent package. We looked at the Razors at last years shooting show and they looked v impressive.

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    Have a search thro' prev threads "Views on the Vortex Viper 6-24 x 50 PST"

    views on the vortex viper pst 6-24x50

    Im very impressed by it and have no complaints after 8 months hard use!

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    Most people seem to be a little more up the price range so thought id give my 2p worth on the crossfire 2 6-18x44 that i recently purchased.Initial impressions have been really good, everything is as it should be and it seems to stack up against scopes of a higher price. the fact that it comes with a lifetime gurantee was the real clincher for me as for 160 ive just bought a scope for life. the only slight negative that i have noticed is its quite eye releif sensetive, however im used to a 3-12x50 so naturally its not going to be as easy as that. Hope that helps

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    Sounds like they are good glass, will look to get some, as no one has made any negative comments.

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