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Thread: Rifle Powder/ Bullet Heads

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    Rifle Powder/ Bullet Heads

    CCI Rifle Primers (200) 15

    Due to the nature of these items collection only. If interested please PM me
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    Quote Originally Posted by fraser View Post
    1IB Hodgdon Varget Rifle Powder - Unopened 30

    cue the feeding frenzy!

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    Do you need colection only on primers?

    If you dont and can post ill take them



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    varget is selling for 45-50 a tub you must not need the money

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    Quote Originally Posted by garyw View Post
    varget is selling for 45-50 a tub you must not need the money
    Fraser is a real gentleman to deal with. He is selling off his bits and bobs at fair prices, far better than having them hang around on here for months. We've done a deal on a gun case and other kit. Shame I couldn't justify another S&B a while ago.

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    [QUOTE=fraser;914409]1IB Hodgdon Varget Rifle Powder - Unopened 30

    good man ! he's selling it at the old face value ,when other's would inflate the price. wish h4h was closer i would have it and the 30 cal bullets and get you to give it to mike at the monmouth club to bring down to bisley.

    good luck it will all go i'am sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    cue the feeding frenzy!
    Thought there was enough varget in circulation now to keep people happy, I know a shop with 6/7 tubs just on the shelf.

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