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    Any one had a Border or Beardie collie as a deer dog?

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    yes wullie I have 2 border collies full time deer dogs getting on a bit now 10 and 12 I like them bark on finding deer very useful in thicket. got to watch how you introduce them to gunshot as prone to be gunshy. kenny

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    Yep can relate to gunshy bit. We used to keep them as farm dogs, cattle and sheep. Did have one bitch that was very good out shooting though. Thinking about getting one again.

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    Hi Wullie, I use my Collie purely for following up, as she is terribly gun shy ( she stays in the car until I've shot one and then I go and get her), but she is very intelligent and has a good nose. She was never intended to be a deer dog but I lost my jack russel (died not misplaced) so it was a case of need must! and to be fair she has not lost one yet.


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    I have a collie cross which i have used for tracking and following up, she is now 24 years old, a bit slow, limited eye sight, almost totaly deaf but still gets the job done. i also have a lab that is 3years old, he shows potential but i doubt he will ever be as "straight forward" as the old collie cross. amazing intelegence and a great nose. as the saying goes : "the old ones are the best"
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    I have a border\beardie x greyhound better known as a lurcher for deer stalking, in fact he works with ferrets for rabbits and i am in a pheasant syndicate where he will do everything a spaniel or lab can do.They are very intelligent, easy to train and have a fantastic nose,but for every good one there may be 10 bad ones.I may be bias but i would not have any other kind of breed.

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