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    Could somebody please enlighten me as to why the blaser is frowned upon, i see heaps of posts that when a blaser is mentioned the mood of the thread changes. Why is this??


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    A lot of people do not like Blaser due to the price.................end of story.
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    Has this thread not been done to death already?

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    I think it's because they are different , expensive and your automatically enrolled into a certain type of stalking group lol

    Personally I like Blaser r8's as a compact package but I don't like the de cocking position

    ive got a Mauser m03 essentially the same albeit a turn bolt and costs about the same and I love it and strangely no body bats an eyelid when you say I own a Mauser

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    Which Blaser rifle are you thinking about? You don’t say.

    I owned an R93 for a few years and in many ways it was a fine rifle, but in the end I was glad to get rid of it. Here are my thoughts about it

    Straight pull certainly has critics, but I liked it. Changing barrels is very easy and very quick. Dismantled, the components are very short, so they fit into a short case. A shorter case than my Sauer 202 will fit into. The Blaser riflescope mounts fit directly to the barrel, so the scope fits back more accurately after transport. With the Sauer, by comparison, the scope fits onto the action, and the barrel is a separate fitting. Nevertheless, even with the Blaser I would still want to check zero before shooting any live quarry.

    The Blaser is expensive, but so is the Sauer. The R93 does not have a removable magazine. Each round has to be removed separately and that drove me nuts. A proper magazine is much easier. I found the safety catch on the R93 very hard work, especially in cold weather with cold wet hands. The movement is too stiff and is up and away at eye level and very difficult for me use without losing my view through the riflescope. I hated that after a while.

    I looked at the R8 but I didn’t like the trigger-magazine arrangement.
    I always found the Blaser UK support to be poor. It may be slightly better now, although I’m not too sure. I wanted a 7x64 barrel. Plenty of those on the continent, but Blaser could not offer one in the UK for many months. So I moved away and am glad of it.

    Regarding Markfox’s comment - The Mauser M03 looks excellent and would have been my alternative choice, except it has the same UK support and I never, ever got a reply on the availability of the 7x64 from Blaser UK. Gave up with them in the end.

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    i like my r8. dont see what all the fuss is about.

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    If someone wants to buy a Blaser good for them. I don't understand why an adult who buys a certain type of rifle would worry what anyone else thinks about their purchace. I've shot blaser and whilst nice rifles they just don't float my boat.
    I too bought a Mauser M03. My money ,my choice and as an adult i don't give a flying phuck what others think. Simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somerset View Post

    Regarding Markfox’s comment - The Mauser M03 looks excellent and would have been my alternative choice, except it has the same UK support and I never, ever got a reply on the availability of the 7x64 from Blaser UK. Gave up with them in the end.

    couldnt agree more Blaser/Mauser uk communications are shocking

    it's took me 8 weeks of 2 calls and 2 emails weekley to finally get a price and availability for a couple of items one of the items Artur on here located for me brand new quicker

    if an owner or perspective owner requires items buy S/H when they come up or source elsewhere

    still love my Mauser tho

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    Well it is also a fact that all Blaser owners are as gay as a gay thing in a gay bar full of gays.

    i would also echo a lot of somersets opinion on the blaser. But the pulling the bullets isn't driving me mad.....yet!!
    i do change scope regularly, one for Bambi another for night vision and point of impact always remains the same.

    i would prefer a pull out magazine though, just for ease.
    i love the decocking mechanism but wish it wasn't so hard. Secret is to have warm hands, easy said.

    now if you will excuse me I need to iron my tutu as I have a ballet lesson in the morning.......
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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