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Thread: 243 and 270 - justified?

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    243 and 270 - justified?

    Having searched the historical threads, I cannot find something that answers my specifics. Apologies if this has been done and I don't want to start another 'best calibre' thread.

    I have a 243 and use it for roe, munty and foxes. Occasionally I'll take vermin with it, because I can, and I'd rather take the CF if out foxing during the day in case a munty/roe presents.

    I might soon have the option of hunting larger species, and am keen to take a day or 2 on boar this year. Whilst I could use the estate rifle, its always nice taking your own.

    I like the 270 - but wonder if its too close in performance to the 243?

    If thats the case then maybe I will look for something bigger, I'll take the 270 or larger if primarily after larger animals and keep the 243 for the smaller stuff.

    I am keen to stay at 243 and not go smaller (granted a 22 cal CF for foxes and a 270 for everything else would work) as I would always like to have the opportunity to shoot deer if one is seen.

    Anyone run a couple of bigger calibres and add reasoned comment please or anyone ditched the 243 for 270 and likewise tell me their thoughts?

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    I had .22-250, .243 and .270, now have .22-250, .243 and .308, reasons given mirror your own

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    Thanks for the reply. I wasn't thinking so much as justifying it to the FEO, that shouldn't be a problem - more justifying it to myself!

    How come you swapped from 270 to 308 out of interest?

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    I was granted a 270 for the reasons you described, boar and bigger species, and keeping my 243 for everything else.
    I've recently been granted another 270 with no problem.
    2 270's for boar and deer,243 open & 17hmr open.

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    I reload my centre fires, main reason was more bullet choice in the .308

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    I have a .243 and .270, I prefer the .270 though mostly used for deer. It's a good combo, long and short actions

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    I've 22/250 ,6.5x55,270,308 in order reasons are fox,smaller deer ,light weight unmodded ,larger deer .
    FEO was fine with those reasons

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    I have a 243 and went 270 but they are very different beasts and do their jobs well.

    In the end I wanted 1 rifle to know love and understand. A 270 is no use for roe and a 243 is fine but frowned upon for reds. So I now have a 6.5x55 which knocks down reds fine but leaves some meat on the roe.

    243 was my first rifle though so it's going nowhere...

    Would now advocate newbies ask for 6.5 apparently a Fox round so ok for first CF

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    But note never used 270 on faĺlow and 243 has done everything asked of it on them

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    Quote Originally Posted by karlbird View Post
    Anyone run a couple of bigger calibres and add reasoned comment please or anyone ditched the 243 for 270 and likewise tell me their thoughts?
    I started with a .243, just for roe. Then started doing a lot of foxing and roe shooting at close range in woodland, so got a .222. The .222 became a more or less dedicated night use rifle, with a mod.

    Then got access to ground with fallow, so got a .308. Thought I'd eventually get rid of the .243 because it was redundant. But in the end decided that I liked too much as a dedicated longer range roe and fallow doe rifle - so kept it. I know there's no real reason to have both, but like them both far too much to get rid of either. The .308 is very handy to have when it's very windy, I think I'll have to shoot at much longer range, or I think I'll run into bigger beasts. I use them about equally.

    And I have now put in a variation to add a .270...

    However, if forced to rationalise, I would go to just the .308.

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