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Thread: What wellies?

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    Question What wellies?

    I know we have trodden this path before, what are the best (durable) comfortable wellies, that don't pinhole at the sight of a thorn or crack around the bend of the foot etc and last more than a year!
    Looking up to around 70 ish, never mind what I choose they all give up within a year.

    Wife says its because I am too heavy footed, well what do you expect when out clambering over rocks, through hedges etc with a couple of deer in your backsack, not out on a holiday walk I tell her!

    looking for opinions from comfortable feet out there that have preferably been dry for more than a year?



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    I think you may be expecting too much from a pair of wellies. I use Le Chameau when out pheasant shooting but wear a decent pair of boots for the hard stuff you get when out stalking plus you get a lot more support around the ankle.


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    I bought a pair of these, at the begining of November.

    Jack Pyke Wellington Boots Countryman Fieldman And Shires Hunting Hunters Boot | eBay

    I have been beating, at least two days a week, shooting, Driven and Rough, and Stalking ( Woodland).

    They are warm and comfortable, and holding up well.

    If I get two seasons out of them, I'll consider that OK.

    Hard ground, I'd go for good, leather boots.


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    Ive had a pair of Le Chameau for about 6 years and wearbthem everyday, cost a bit more than 70.00 but well worth the money

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    I know Hunters get a lot of flak these days, but I have a pair of their Balmoral neoprene model that I managed to buy discounted through my old employer. Couldn't be happier with them. They see daily use for the dog walk/training session over tarmac and then various levels of muddy tracks and fields, no cracks, no splits, no problem.
    I had to buy two sizes smaller than normal and still can get a thick sock on. Buy wellies as snug over the forefoot as you can get away with to avoid cracking on the flex point. Same goes for normal boots, too much space makes them flex too much.

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    5-11 HIGH atac's for climbing hvent for keeping dry and warm both more than the price but ha ho look at moon boots from skyteex hot good grip boots fit left or right! so no cock ups in the dark lol

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    Dickies landmasters work well and last a long time.

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    I have a pair of Hunter Balmoral leather lined boots which I bought from John Norris when they were on sale at 150 (normally 300). They have a boot like sole and last for ages, previous pair 10 years old before going to the great welly boot store in the sky. Obviously not great for beating through bramble etc but good for general shooting. I also have a pair of Muck Boots which are great for standing on the peg in freezing conditions, they are very warm but stink when you take them off, think they were about 80.

    Prefer to wear my Mendle Dovre Extremes with gaiters.

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