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Thread: wild boar and solid slug

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    wild boar and solid slug

    Have any forum members shot wild boar with 12 g solid slug? Pros and cons vs rifle ?

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    12g slug has awesome killing power but lacks the fine accuracy of a rifle and the velocity so with a bit of range the slug needs more lead. Most go for the rifle but at close range at the start of the season a semi-auto would be interesting when there's lots of ground cover still.

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    I have used slug on a driven shoot and it worked just fine . Ranges were short (<40m), exposure times a few seconds only, so it was just like game shooting, and a shotgun was perfect. I would use slugs happily in such circumstances.
    Paul makes a good point about the lower velocity relative to a rifle, and so need for a bit more lead, especially at longer ranges; luckily a boar is (much) larger than a pheasant, so at normal ranges for a driven shoot this might not be an insuperable problem.

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    For the folks who like to use formulas on energy based upon using the projectiles velocity, a solid slug may appear anaemic, however in the real world "knock down" power confounds the "paper killers". A solid 12g slug punches way above its "paper killing" weight.

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    16 gauge for rifled slug is very popular in combination rifles/drillings etc. In fact a 16 gauge side by side with slugs is one of my German friends 'weapon of choice' when he is working his dog through cover so a 12 would definitely suffice......

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    My drilling has half and full choke 16 bore barrels. I suspect that putting a slug though the full choke barrel would be a really stupid idea.

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    Both the lads I know have drillings with 16 gauge that they use Brenneke rifled slugs through PM, if you want I can ask them what the tightest choke you can use them through is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    My drilling has half and full choke 16 bore barrels. I suspect that putting a slug though the full choke barrel would be a really stupid idea.
    Rifle slug (Brenneke) will shoot through full choke. The rifled part of the slugs are there to crush down to pass tight chokes. They arenít for imparting spin to the slug. Itís more a case of whether or not they are accurate with tight chokes

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    Pine Marten, No not at all if you use the Brenekke slugs that have a twisted flute which is designed not for gaining any rotation effect but is there to squeeze the slug down to the bore diameter it passes through (if they were straight fluted that would hinder the squeeze down effect) learnt this on my hunting course in Germany.
    But the copper slugs would be a big no no in a nice sbs or drilling leading either to a big expense or even a dangerous pressure buildup.

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    Have used solid machined brass 12g slugs on boar, punches a clean hole, piggy falls over pretty quick!

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