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Thread: Jack Hargreaves talking about Roe

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    Jack Hargreaves talking about Roe

    I liked watching this guy when I was young.

    He's talking about Roe and goes out with a BDS man after a Roe Buck

    Oh why can't they put programmes like this on now


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    Never seen that before. What a simple but, for a change, completely objective and factual piece.

    I love the way he stops mid sentence to point out beetles, pheasants etc.... "there, you see!"


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    Ah, good old Jack H, eh?
    Dont fancy the High seat much, and i don't think i could get in the box thing either.

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    I just watched the other parts of that programme. 1986 if my Roman numerals are up to scratch.... It's strange watching a programme about deer and not wincing at the inaccuracies or getting angry at the transparent bias of today's tv offerings. A lot has changed in just 24 years, but not the deer though.

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    That takes me back! Jack Hargreaves really was a gem - we won't see his like on TV again I'm afraid. Anyone know who the stalker is?

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    I think he was a true Countryman, a Wildfowler and a Puntgunner with Colin Willock (Town Gun, Shooting Times)
    I vaguely remember him talking disdainfully about the recreational Stalker, much prefering the Estate proffesional.
    I saw Pheasant shooting (for the first time)on his show, had never heard of it before let alone seen it.


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    as a kid I loved to watch "out of town" with jack Hargreaves, I was more interested in the course fishing episodes at the time though, he was a true gent and proper old time country man of which there are very few still around, that twangy old guitar music still instantly brings back memories of childhood and running to the TV, fantastic viewing, pity more of today’s country programmes aren't from the same mould


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    I just watched this episode & then watched all the others on You Tube, forgot just how brilliant they were.

    I first remember watching the series with my Dad when I was 6 in 1962 when we lived on a farm near Watlington.

    I also worked out the date from the Roman numerals to 1986 but always thought the series finished in 1981, did they do some re-runs/re-issues?

    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    My dad bought himself the boxed set of Out Of Town dvd's a few years back, so I made "back up copies" and brought them back to my house for safekeeping.... beside the dvd player. I check them from time to time to make sure they're still ok.

    For anyone interested, the full boxed set is available on the web (eg: amazon) for around 70..... unless you know my dad.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Rob View Post
    I also worked out the date from the Roman numerals to 1986 but always thought the series finished in 1981, did they do some re-runs/re-issues?
    I think you're right... from what I have read after the original series ended Jack bought the footage (hence the cans in the shed). The episodes on Youtube are re-runs with the intro bits in the workshop filmed in 1986 and the rest of the footage is from the original shows filmed in the '70's

    I also ended up watching the whole lot on Youtube!


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