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Thread: What make is this scope?

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    What make is this scope?


    This scope came attached to a rifle I was given. I'm assuming its just a cheap and nasty but just wondered if anyone recognized the badge?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks in advance,


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    Could be Edgar Bros but I'm not 100%. J

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    That was quick and after a quick Google search I think you are right. Not quite as cheap and nasty as I thought. Thanks!

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    Yup it's the Edgar Brothers Optimate - I had one on the .22 for a long while, now keep as a spare as was given a Swarovski and Meopta went onto .22. Nothing wrong with it at all and no reason to change. Bought it late 1990's and the 6x44 was 100 ish price point, when Meopta was 250 ish and Zeiss, s&b 400ish for the same scope.

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    Definitely Edgar Brothers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodsmoke View Post
    Definitely Edgar Brothers
    Yup, that's what it is. However, there were two ranges - the Opti-Mate (Japanese) and Opti-Too (Chinese). The Japanese manufactured scopes were very good quality indeed, mostly target models, and every bit as good as equivalent Weaver T-series models. The Chinese scopes were in the same mould and price range as Hawke scopes of that era - nothing at all wrong with them but built down to a price.

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    'Tis what sits atop of my 243 and its perfectly good at its job.

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    And apparently they have a lifetime guarantee .

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    Some good information there. Thanks everyone!

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    Very good scope, lifetime warranty that they still honour even though they are no longer in production (you get a voucher)

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