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Thread: Stunning morning - very unexpected

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    Stunning morning - very unexpected

    So I got up at 0500 this morning to find snow falling by the bucket load outside and the wind howling along behind it. Very tempted to get back into bed and give the Mrs a nudge, but the dog was revved up and ready for some action so I decided to brave it. Up the A12, conditions were horrible and I was starting to wonder if I had done the right thing.

    But as we got there the skies cleared, the snow stopped and standing by the car sipping coffee as we waited for enough light to set off it all started to come good. Lovely sunrise, 2 great stalks, 2 Does accounted for, dog even had to do a little track on one of them into some woodland so he was happy.

    Funny how these things often work out if you make the effort.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Thank you Martin. Saw 16 to 20 Roe this morning on my travels, I was at 20 but then decided I might have double counted some that moved on after one of the shots. Into that time of year again where for some strange reason they decide to sit in the middle of the fields in large groups rather than at the edges on their own.

    Does anyone know why this happens from Feb to April?
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Great result Nigel
    put the effort in get the result out
    regards pete

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    20 is a good number, looks like you have some work to do there!

    I often ignore the weather (to a degree!) now when setting out, I find what is a no goer often comes up trumps, a bit of wind, cold rain in the eyes keeps me awake, the deer don't seem to care as there is always a warm (ish!) spot to be had in the lee side of where you are going and that's where they will be!

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    Yes, 20 is a few. Ground not been shot for 3 or 4 years. Trying to work out what the management plan is. If I saw 20 in 1/4 of the ground and I saw half of those that were in the area there are probably 160 in total. A wild guess, but you have to start somewhere.

    They are all very healthy looking , it is 2000 acres so density not that great, no Fallow, not too many Munties and no Reds. All the Does seem to have twins so population likely to grow by 25% to 30% each year if not managed.

    On those numbers I need to knock over about 40 a year to keep it steady. Because of the low density I don't really see the need to hit it too hard. Game Keeper likes to see them about, more focused on the pheasants, so no pressure there.

    Problem is I am very restricted on range until 1st Feb as the focus is the pheasant and partridge and they don't want me stomping around the covers between September and end Jan.

    I will end up taking 10 to 12 Does off the ground this season, and 15 odd bucks over the summer. If they want to cut the numbers at some point they will need to let me loose in a few areas from beginning of Jan rather than the end.

    Great to have a bit of ground where there is not too much pressure but plenty of Roe to stalk.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Hi Nigel,

    Sounds like a dream place to shoot, if you discuss and work out a plan and keep disturbance to a minimum, then I am sure you can agree a way forward with the keeper to get you out there earlier in the season, need to work out a de-conflict schedule to minimise disturbance 2 days before the shoot is where I would go. Stalking has very little impact on Pheasants, the whole point is we are stealthy, quite and covert and one or two moderated shots away from the pens will do nothing. Don't forget though seeing 20 doesn't mean there will be 4 times as many animals on the gorund as a whole, as the conditions may have pushed them where you were, i.e wind, cold, lee side etc, cover is good, food source, disturbance, it all makes a difference.

    As to numbers, I am no expert, but you need to be culling approx twice as many Doe's as bucks, tacking only poorer bucks as well. Even with the time left, I suspect you can get a good few Doe,s especially as density is high (ish!) and the ground is virgin. Don't be too selective on the doe's and you will get the numbers, take the kids as well, this will bring the population under control. All I can suggest is don't fall into the trap of over culling the bucks, its a false trail and will only lead to poorer quality animals and do very little for population control, the doe's are where the control is at!
    Very pleased for you and slightly jealous!
    As a ball park the experts suggest approx 1/3 of the population per annum (again ish!) with 2/3 of those being doe's, that's what I understand is a good basis to start.

    All the very best with your efforts and if you ever find yourself in need of assistance....!

    Best Regards,


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