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Thread: Two .22 Choices CZ OR p94s

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    Two .22 Choices CZ OR p94s

    If you had to choose between a nice S/H P94S Finnfire and a NEW CZ 452... WHAT WOULD YOU GO FOR.. in terms of accuracy.
    Cheers for any advice

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    Finnfire every's a sought after classic and very accurate.....can't fault mine at all with a Swaro AV 6-18x50 BR reticle on it.


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    I would go for the finnfire, however there is nothing wrong with a cz

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    Finfire use it,love it NEVER sell it.

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    I shot a heavy barreled Finnfire last Saturday along side my BRNO #2. Groups were comparable. That said, the owner of the Finnfire said that his wife has fired 10 shot, half inch groups at 100 yards with it using RWS Match. I haven't used that grade of ammo in my Brno but at 50 with plain old PMC Rifle Match I have shot a ragged hole at 50 perhaps 1/4" CTC for 10 shots. ~Muir

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    Finnfire hands down ! Regards Steve

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    Never used a finfire but I have a cz and its a cracking rifle love it to bits. Always bang on

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    If price isn't an issue , finnfire all day long , had one and sold it what a silly boy , superb rifle , just like a mini CF . No doubt the cz will be as accurate but for me the finish and quality of the finnfire stands out. I'm quite a gun tart and looks play a part in for me , I've now a Annie thumbhole and to me its as good as the finnfire , trigger isn't but the thumbhole stock and short barrel suit my needs better , but would have another finnfire at the drop of a hat

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    I've never used a Finnfire but I can't fault my 452 for accuracy. Cracking wee rifle

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    only you have seen the finnfire ask if you can return it if not happy with it the cee zee will have a full warranty buyer beware

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