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Thread: Go Pro Mount for a 30mm Railed Scope.

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    Go Pro Mount for a 30mm Railed Scope.

    I have been using a Gopro camera for my driven hunts. The hunts have been successful in that I shot some animals, but I was always to slow operate the camera.

    I would now like to mount it on standard stalking scope which is a railed Zeiss 3-12x56. However I cant find a mounting solution as the scope`s rail makes mounting very awkward. Has anybody faced the same problem and found a solution?

    Many thanks

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    GoPro now do the 'Sportsman' mount that can be fitted to shotguns and rifles, which I have used on a shotgun.

    You might be able to attach one of those to your scope. I think they are quite expensive for what they are, but it does provide a good camera angle.

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    B&W. That should fit the bill perfectly! Many thanks

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