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Thread: Low power scope users?

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    Low power scope users?

    I can see from the photos here, and some of the discussion of hunts, that a lot the deer are in dense forests or brush, so I wondered how many of you use low power variables, like the Weaver V3 1-3x20, or 1-4x20mm, or 1.25-4x20, 1.5-6x42, fixed 2.5x, etc.

    I am shopping the low power scopes. I really like my Burris 2-7x35 ( I have 3 ), but wanted to look at what is out there. Handled a Zeiss Terra 2-7x32...very sharp. Also a Meopta and a Minox ZA5 in low power, both impressive. The only low magnification scope with illumination I have handled recently is a friend's Leupold VX/R on a .375. The small dot is really sharp, and wide range of brightness adjustment by just tapping a button on the side.

    I took one of my vintage Mausers hunting over Christmas, and was looking at how good the German #1 reticle was turned down to 2x, with the horizontal gap wide enough and the lines thin enough to track running boar at close range, yet the pointed verticle bar is sharp enough for precision shots at 300 yards.

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    I'm sure some get used, but I've come across very few stalkers who use less than a 42mm objective lens. The twilight period is just too long in our northern latitudes.

    the lower magnifications are popular for continental style driven shoots though, which is why so-called "all-round" scopes are now expanding the zoom ratios to allow reasonable magnification at both the top and bottom end, e.g. 2-10x50 or 2-12x50 etc.

    Personally for my deer rifles I have found little need for anything below 4x.
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    I use a x1 magnification Red Dot on a rifle I take out when stalking in dense woodland/cover, works fine. Perfectly good groups up to 100 yards, superior peripheral vision and much faster acquisition.
    And a x6 fixed power on the other deer rifle, used when I am in more open countryside/farmland. All you ever need for most UK stalking scenarios.
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    I've just invested in a Swaro Z6i 1-6x24 with the CDI reticle for an upcoming trip on driven game. Depending on how it (or rather I!) performs, I might go for the Z6i 1.7-10x42 with the same reticle for general UK use.

    The Swaro Subtension Dimensions smartphone app and online program is handy for getting to know the CDI's radius at different magnifications:

    This one is fun to try, as well as proving how crap you are before getting into the field!:

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    I have a 1-4x20 nickel scope that's been on the .22 and now cutting some claw mounts to fit it on my 7x65r. Will be just the ticket for woodland stalking

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    Many of the 1.25-4 and 1.5-6 scopes are 30mm tubes.
    The Weaver V3, some of the Leupolds, and the Swift Reliant, are 1 inch tubes, which is good for existing rings.

    The Reliant is a straight tube with a lot of room for mounting. The Bushnell 30mms are, too, but I cannot find one in a store. I may just buy one to have a look. A 1.5-6x42 would be a really good all around scope for the woods, with more light gathering. Swift also makes a 4x40 with German glass. Especially if the ranges are not long, I can't see spending the money for upper end glass. But the right red dot on top of a #4 reticle would be worth some extra money to me.

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    I used them quite alot when i was living in africa,I

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    Sorry 1st message went without finishing,i like the newer 1.5 x 6 by25 as they can be uesd out to 200m.
    just trying a cheap red and green dot one now,to see if i can get on with the illumated dot they are very easy to use.

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    The Leupold 2.5x20 on a combination gun is really light and small - can put it in my coat pocket.

    The Burris Fullfield II 1.75-5x22 on my 7mm-08 is small and light, but a larger eyepiece. I love it. Keeps the rifle weight and balance.
    It was discontinued, so I went to the Fullfield II 2-7x35 Ballistic Plex. This is really nice scope with enough power and clarity for effortless 300 yard shots.
    My next one will probably be the new FFII E1 reticle 2-7x35. The 3-9x40 E1 comes with illumination as an option.

    Just came into a Bushnell Trophy 1.5-6x44 with 30mm tube and 4A reticle ( discontinued by Bushnell). It is large and heavy (19 ounces!). The field of view is huge. With both eyes open on 1.5x, it must be 50 feet wide at 100 yards, and I can see the front sight behind the lower post!! I have it in QC rings on a Remington 700 ADL now, but I think it may go onto my .375 H&H next, or as a scope to swap with a 4-12x40 on an large, all-weather .30-06 or 7x64. What a scope for running boar, or for an infantry weapon.

    A friend has a Bushnell Tropy XLT 2-7x32 and it has 5 inches of eye relief, very fast to pick up, and great for a hard-recoiling rifle like a Marlin .444 or .375 H&H.
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