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Thread: training terriers - for tracking deer or flushing game - any suggestions?

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    training terriers - for tracking deer or flushing game - any suggestions?

    Hi all... I've got two Welsh Terrier bitches, both of whom I breed, but have never been working dogs, just pets. They are 4 and 5 years old. Neither are gunshy and although both are lead trained, they are not so great off-lead! (Not their fault - I never really put a lot of effort into off-lead training the first bitch when she was a pup, and the other I got at 2yrs old)

    Lily (4) is the least trained. She's getting better on-lead but off lead will chase birds and follow other people, and has even crossed roads! When I take her to the beach she can only go off-lead where we are away from the slipway and steps up to the road, and I can't let her off in woodland at all.

    Cei (5) is pretty good. Great on-lead and pretty good off-lead she's fine on the beach, but in woodland she'll disappear and has stayed missing for an hour or more in the past.

    I have considered starting to train one or both bitches either for deer tracking (they have great noses) or for flushing game, but wondered if it's now too late? Another option would be to keep one of the pups from the next litter or two and train that instead.

    Does anyone know of any good bok or dvd resources for training terriers?

    Anyone know if I'd be wasting my time trying to train one or both of the older bitches or if you really can teach an older dog new tricks?

    This is Lily on a woodland walk:

    And the two dogs in front of the fire - their favourite place!

    Cei enjoying a roe foot...

    ...and 'retreiving' a ball on the beach...

    she was 5 weeks pregnant in this shot...

    All advice gratefully received,



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    By the sounds of it you are taking on a big task, I wish you well .
    I personally would not attempt what you are doing, I would train a gun dog
    I would take one out at a time and start with some basic commands.
    If you can get your terrier steady, I would have him finding some deer feet, and see how far you can go on from there,

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    Hi, Terriers can make good deer dogs, but first things first sort out your obedience. Then you can have it with you when you need it. There are a few good books, try Guy wallace. The way I taught my JR to trail was first just walk him towards one that you know the location of from where it was when you shot it, and then praise them as if they had found it all by themselves whilst saying your command word e.g "deer" do that a few times letting them lead a little further ahead each time. Some trainers recommend giving them some of the offal when you grahlloch it. There are plenty of guys on here with far more experience than me, who can help you more, but its just a few ideas to get started with.
    Good luck

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    Thanks guys - I know I need to work on general obedience and steadiness with both dogs; I'll get on with that while I look up any resources that are suggested.

    Phil - thanks for the tip on Guy Wallace - I'll see what I can find.



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