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Thread: Leica - Rangemaster CRF1600-B

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    Leica - Rangemaster CRF1600-B

    Morning chaps - I'm about to get the Leica Rangemaster and just wanted to know anyone's practical use experience (especially the ballistic software/calculator) and the usefulness thereof? Size and optical performance I can see is great having looked at one and can justify the money as I'm equal pairing with my other glass so I guess I want to check if the ballistic gubbins is worth the extra over the CRF 1000?

    look forward to your thoughts

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    buy the zeiss 8x26 prf ive got one much better

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    Honestly, I find the CRF 1000-R and a range card for each specific rifle or load more than sufficient and pretty much fool proof. I know plenty of people with older CRF 900/1000/1200 who are perfectly happy too, but the R (uphill/downhill) feature is a nice addition. Really it's up to you if you want the extra ballistic calculations or not. For me I'm happy to leave them on the range card along with the wind drift figures, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    buy the zeiss 8x26 prf ive got one much better
    I've seen some reviews that rated the Zeiss over the Leica, but they were a few years old and were against the older CRF's and then the only downside I can see was the smaller eyecup / viewing side of the older models....

    haven't had the chance to look at the Zeiss yet - only the other usual suspects.....

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