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Thread: Shooting in flip flops

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    Shooting in flip flops

    Went on a last day duck do this morning, rain at first turned into a blizzard by seven. Standing in a foot of icey water in my almost new Aigle Parcoures, both as water proof as flip flops. I'm sure new wellies weren't as poor as this int towd days. I don't know which ones to try next.

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    I had a pair for almost 3 years & they were brilliant. Sure they haven't sprung a leak from damage? The only criticism I had was the poor ankle support over rough ground. I use Muck Boots now & they're much better

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    and why i'v gone this year over to h-vent 5mm foresters got the trusty muck ta sports but they just done match the grip

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    I don't really think they will be be damaged, they've hardly been worn and it felt like the bottom of both zips was where they were leaking. I was after the foresters but they were unavailable in June when I needed them so I bought the Aigles. I only wear them when necessary, I prefer boots and gaiters.

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    Ah, they must be a different model to mine then. Mine didn't have zips

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