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Thread: Reloading clear out

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    Reloading clear out

    I have for sale :-

    1x stony point OAL gauge (curved) SOLD
    1x tub SO60 rifle powder, only 30 rounds worth used SOLD
    1x unopened box of 55g vax SOLD
    1x opens box of 55g vmax (about 70 count) SOLD

    V max and powder CANNOT be posted, and you MUST have expanding ammo on your ticket.

    Pick up from SE kent

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    Is there any modified cases with the oal guage?

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    There isn't im afraid, I gave the one I had to a friend.

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    What calibre the vmax?

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    Whoops, there .22

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    Just the gauge to go lads !!

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    PM sent re gauge

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