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Thread: Gambrels & carcase trays

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    Gambrels & carcase trays

    I've read a few articles now on other stalkers ideas for gambrels & carcase trays & thought I'd share mine.
    I knocked three of these gambrels together in about two hours using 10mm bar and a bit of 30x5mm plate, I was happy with the outcome so sent them away to get galvanised, they still rotate 360 degrees even after treatment, total cost 20 for the three.
    My carcase trays are just grow bag trays from the local garden centre, 6 each or two for a tenna, thick plastic, big enough for a fallow and at two inches deep no blood spillage in the car.

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    Good efert Big Kev looks like you are quite good with the welder and cheap as chips.

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    Top Job there, I got a super tray this week from homebase, its makes great deer tray and is supposed to be a motar mixing tray...cost about 11 quid. Fits the boot of the car snug and is about 10inches deep

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