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Thread: Lucky Shot

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    Lucky Shot

    I hate having to shoot deer because they have a rope /electric fence wrap..I have a white sorrel on one of my permissions which had a minor amount of light rope connecting his leg to his antler,basically like a three legged race competitor! I had reconciled myself to culling him on humane grounds but decided on an unusual approach....I managed to stalk him up to 30yds he was reluctant to run obviously,settled on my Harris Bipod and took a shot at the centre of the rope,good backstop,.308 150g Federal /Remington 700 VSSF, rope parted! Animal looked shocked but quickly gathered itself up and ran off....never done that before or will probably again..ever.Just a nice outcome to a man made situation for a change.....also as a Judas Buck he is the herd marker!!

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    well done for finding a way to solve it the hard way but won't the remainder of the leg rope find away of getting him in a muddle again ?

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    Nice outcome. 30 yds is a great effort. Well done.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Great job! Bit of sideways thinking there. I like it

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    Nice one

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    Nice shooting, it's like something from a Spaghetti Western

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    Or the golden shot,!!! Nice one matey. As mentioned hope the trailing dont re snag for him.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Wild Bill Cervus !!!!!

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    Thanks for your kind comments....the animal couldn,t feed as it was so the rope remnant on the knee is the lesser of two evils,I think it will unwrap and fall off at some point I hope and he will cast and replace his rack in a couple of months so fingers crossed...anyway killing a white buck is very bad luck ,especially for the buck LOL!

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